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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I know I have mentioned that I have been losing weight for the past 6 weeks and traveling down a new path of healthy.
If you have ever tried dieting, it can be difficult, because lets face it..you crave the good stuff, the chocolate, the cupcakes, the not so diet soda, the macaroni and cheese, and okay okay! I'll stop!
But over the past 7 weeks that I have lost about 17 pounds I have not stopped eating the good stuff.
I just eat it in moderation, and I get back on track to my healthy life style choice.
I have noticed that when I crave cake, I am better off eating it, and enjoying it...Than feeling guilty that I ate it, and then eat more cake..because its not that once slice of cake that makes me gain weight....its the other cake slice I eat after that, then the burger, then the cheesecake, then the goldfish. It's a build up.
Once slice of cake or one bowl of Mac & Cheese won't cause 10 pounds of weight gain.
I have not given up what I like...I still drink Starbucks every day...obviously the important factor to all of this.

I have made lifestyle changes....I have found that I eat healthier on auto pilot, some days I don't even think about the bad stuff. But I think one reason I don't have such crazy cravings is because when I want something I just eat it, and jump right back on track....the guilt is not there because I enjoyed it.

I work out on a every other day basis....even when I would much rather watch TV and sit.
I have noticed since I started losing the weight and making different habits, I have been happier, I've had more energy, and my self confidence has sky rocketed.

Here are some of the things that I have been doing:
  • recording everything I eat
  • I take Saturdays off and I eat whatever the heck I want...that burger with the bun and the cheese and the fries...YUM! 
  • I work out and listen to pumped up music. 
  • I think of my bathing suit. 
  • whenever I get discouraged I tell myself this is a lifestyle change, not just something that I am changing temporarily and realizing that I will be healthier as I get older. 
  • I eat every two...ish hours. 
  • And whenever I want to quit I look at the picture  I took when I first started and realize that I don't want to look like that again.
It's never too late to start something to change your life that's what I've started to realize. 
So eat that cupcake or that mac and cheese, then just hop right back on track! 
Its a lifestyle change not a month change.
"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything" George Bernard Shaw
Keep calm and shed those pounds! 

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