The longer the wait the better the reward

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Patience, it's a trait to be valued.
It is rare to have patience and not have to work on the trait itself.

Recently, I have been struggling with patience with a number of things and the conclusion that I have come to is that all good in life comes with time, never over night...unless you're which case, you don't count.

Numerous things in my life right now are causing me to be very impatient.
But, one in particular is this: I started Weight Watchers about seven weeks ago...and I have lost 15.4 pounds as of today! This is obviously something to be celebrated and from an outsider looking in it's great I have lost 15.4 pounds and I have been doing all the right things to learn healthier eating habits and be a healthier me. However, I bought a top to a bathing suit when I first started the program and it looked OK but not great. Now it looks great, however, I recently just bought the bottoms, because when I started the program it looked as though the bottoms were being eaten by me (Granted they are Victoria Secret bottoms so they run a little small) though, that's no excuse. Now I have maybe another 15-20 more pounds to go before I can confidently wear the bathing suit bottoms. And I am thinking, great. What's the use? Or I do for a second anyways then I think about how I am going to feel after I get on the scale at my weekly meetings and I reach my 10% (21 lbs) and I am able to wear things with out spanx and my short dresses will look that much cuter. But, it's this whole waiting thing that's getting me in a rut, I know that by working hard and doing all of the right things that I will be rewarded when I am able to put on my Jcrew Skinny Jeans, and fit into my skinny VS bathing suit bottoms and confidently strut around in my bikini. I know this day will come, I am just waiting and waiting for the day to come.

More hard work is underway, and next week I will be a smaller me than I am today.
That is what keeps me going.
Better to lose than to gain it.

Keep Calm and Carry On

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