Thats two minuets for roughing: Hockey playoffs are here!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So for all you girls who may have grown up in the south or for you girls who live in the north and know nothing about hockey...Let's get something straight. Sure, there is football, baseball, soccer, but the sport that really matters is hockey! 
The hockey playoffs are in full bloom and let me tell you --they are taking twists and turns and there is nothing more exciting than watching two teams compete to get to the hardest sports award to earn the Stanley Cup. 

If you know nothing about the sport...I'll break it down for you: There are five men on the ice, and they fight, they hit a puck and they try to get it into the net. However if that sounds boring to you..Take a look at some of my all time favorite hockey players, they'll have you ready to watch the playoffs. And have you wanting to maybe (possibly marry one)...A girl can dream right...They clean up nice too!

Hockey is the one sport, I get into with passion, I yell at the TV, I scream when my favorite team (the Chicago Blackhawks) make a goal, hockey can be a bit of a emotional roller coaster when you get really into it because the game is not over until the final buzzer sounds. Players make goals with 5seconds left on the clock and tie up the game.
The playoffs have been exciting, the second round has me nervous excited and ready to watch all the hockey I can.
Try it out! See if you like it! And if you don't like it...keep in mind there are really good looking guys who clean up really well!
Keep Calm and Hockey On!
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