Breaking News!! Here Comes Real Talk Wednesday

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What is #RealTalkWednesday?

Real Talk: n. The philosophy of talking openly and candidly without thinking about what others might think.  

RTW (see what I did there?) is a weekly linkup hosted by Rachael of Pretty in Pink and Melissa of Daily Chaos.  The link up will be live every Wednesday!

The purpose? To allow us to all take off our "cool caps" and speak about whatever is on our minds.  #RealTalkWednesday is a chance to be your true self on your blog.  You can write about relationships, food, struggles, happy things, whatever!  We don't care, just as long as you're being real.  No judgements are allowed here!

We hope you'll join our link up!  Use the hashtag #RealTalkWednesday  and make sure you tweet us here and here.  Also, grab the button below!

Rachael and Melissa


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There's the code to put our button on your blog!! 

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