Sometimes It Helps To Talk It Out

Sunday, September 8, 2013

So hello fall semester!

Summer has defiantly come and gone and the fall semester is in full session. While I love my new school, adjusting to it has been a little difficult.

I found myself this past Saturday feeling overly anxious over things that I can not control. Things that are out of my reach and thoughts that were not very helpful to my life.

I found myself obsessing over the future and what was to come. And while I *usually* always think, to take this life one day at a time. Reality was really starting to hit, and what really hit me was that life is always going to be a little scary. No matter how old I get there is always going to be the unknown and there is always going to be a future for me. (does this all make sense). These anxieties that I was having...yeah, they were totally explainable anxieties, but I was holding them in. I kept on telling myself that they weren't important to talk about. That I could just push them to the side for a later time, that there were more pressing issues at hand. Yeah, this was an *awful* idea. Like, real talk, I have made better decisions in life.

But, surprise,  I felt better once I talked it out with two amazing people. They helped me realize that at the end of the day life is ALWAYS going to be a little scary. Sometimes we hit a little rough patch here and there, but they don't last long.

I found that after I let all of it out, after I talked about all the thoughts about my future, schooling and life; I felt better. I wasn't freaking out over the amount of hours left in a day, how many assignments I had left, how many social events I had to attend (Seriously there are so many you have to prioritize which ones you want to go to). Yeah, I know, first world problem.

I noticed that I felt one thousand times better after I let out all of the thoughts. While I honestly felt a little silly, and a lot of's not fun when you cry and you feel so lost that when you speak you think god I must sound like ridiculous. (the thing is you don't sound ridiculous, because odds are the person you are venting to has felt the same way you are feeling at one point.) While I wasn't expecting any of this,  it was definitely something that needed to happen.

The most important thing that came out of this, is by talking to those two amazing people in my life I realized that I had everything under control. That this is MY life, and I am doing the best that I can. Plus, when I have no idea what to do next I have my friends to help me figure out an action plan.

Do you ever just need to talk it out? How do you handle excessive amounts of stress?

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  1. I always need to talk things out.. that's a huge reason why I love to blog :) Love you girl!