Sometimes A Step Back Helps You Take Five Steps Forward

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So the semester is really off to a racing start. We were so wonderfully trotting around and then all of the sudden all of these events, exams, projects and social gatherings appeared on my calendar. *welp*! I started to freak out a little bit (not gonna lie). I started to get so freaked out because I am *really* making friends at my new school! (yay me!) (biggest fear of going to a new school is conquered!). However, now I am having to prioritize my life. My Lilly Calendar is pretty much a rainbow of colors, *Seriously* I put my whole life in this agenda. (social, school, chores, blog posts, and so much more!) It's basically me color coded on paper.

Just a lovely example of what my life looks like on a weekly basis (that's a light load!) 
Anyways, today I woke up thinking praise goodness a four day week! Well, this four day week is crazy and I was *slightly* freaking out because I want to get a lot of things done in a day, and there are just simply not enough hours in the day. (I know everyone can agree with that). Unless you sit and watch t.v all day in which case you are sleeping half the day anyways (flashback to me towards the last weeks of summer). *yes* I did watch the whole Orange is The New Black series in less than a week. *not sorry*. (if you haven't watched You'll be hooked. 

Anyways, I have so much work to do with study groups, social events, reading, and so much more!! 

So, what do I do when things get a little crazy and hectic in my head or in my life?! I write them down in list form and prioritize them!) it is *so so* helpful to see my day before me. 

So that's what I did I made a list, and I stopped myself and I realized that there are 24 hours in a day, and I am *not* super woman. ( I know, I was shocked too when I looked in the mirror and there wasn't a giant S on my chest)

Anyways, it seems like this week is going to be a lot of fun but a lot of work. And instead of getting excited and pumped for a busy week I was getting bogged down. (bad Melissa). Turns out all I had to do was take a step back and see that I can accomplish everything in my day when I put my mind to it and I *keep calm and carry on!* 

I am so lucky to have such an amazing life that never has a dull moment. 

Lists have been made, priority checklists have been made, and I am ready to take this week head on! *bring it*

How do you handle yourself when you have a lot to accomplish in a week? 

And remember "Anything is possible with sunshine & a little pink" -Lilly Pulitzer

Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. I do the same thing as you... seriously! But of course you knew that, that's why we are twins! Only 3 days until FRIDAYYY!

  2. i'm the same way! happy I found your blog, really like it!

    1. Hey there! So happy you like it!