Oh What A Weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh what a weekend this has been! Labor day weekend to me is almost like the end of summer and the beginning of fall trends. (is it sad that I sometimes base seasons changing based off what my wardrobe changes to?) I totally understand that the official day of fall is September 22nd *ahem* my birthday, but I feel like fall weather is right around the corner once labor day passes, and I. can. not. wait. *seriously* 

Anyways, this weekend was a lot of fun and adventure! So, first off, I am sorry *not sorry* that I am going to be posting a lot about how much I just love pumpkin everything. (it's an obsession I can't control). So, I may have had  one *four*  to many Pumpkin Spice Lattes, while I am not complaining I am really hoping my hips aren't slowly expanding. 
So, Saturday I spent the day SLAVING (not an exaggeration) over this lab class that I am taking. It is the biggest struggle, and I just want it to go away. Honestly. The whole thing is just one big disaster. Basically our class is a test guinea pig for a new lab book that is going to be published. So, we get a free lab book out of the deal but, this chick would much rather spend $50 than have to deal with the stress of what is this book trying to tell me. I mean, I am correcting grammar errors and finding spelling mistakes....(are you kidding me?) Anyways, enough of that rant. 

All the essentials to studying, Nail Polish (because why not?), my Lilly agenda, and actual school work...oh and can't forget the Starbucks. (guess what is inside that cup?) 
Also, on Saturday my Momma took me out for a late lunch/dinner and we caught up. I am *slightly* in love with Mexican food so we went to a local Mexican place that has to die for burritos. And I ate all. of. it. along with queso and a diet coke (because I am obviously so concerned about calories.)
I realized that I ate a whole burrito and then thought I should *really* run...but then I just went home to slave over my lab class. (oh the struggle)

Sunday, I had a blast with my boyfriend and made friends with the kitchen. I felt like a housewife in training, you have no idea being a cooking woman is *almost* like the Olympics but with food, and preparation. I made Chicken Cordon Blu and a Olive Oil Parmesean pasta. It received *so much* praise. I have to say it was pretty good (not to brag or anything). Okay, totally bragging, but I think I earned that right! 
The toothpicks held the chicken together and thank goodness for that or else they would not have lasted through the cooking process. (just had to make sure I didn't bite into one and then eat it. *ouch*) 
I then spent the night half working on my lab class and the other half of the night sleeping. (sleep is so good) 

And technically today was still part of my weekend. So, David and I (the boyfriend) went to Krispy Kreame this morning. (Home girl went a little cray, when she saw the fresh doughnuts being made). 

I was way, way to excited to eat these. I may have had one...*three*. Whatever, god made exercise so that we could eat *whatever* we want. So, some form of exercise will be done this week!

Yes, that is a cop car sitting outside of the Krispy Kreame shop...(that's not stereotypical at all or anything) even though it *totally* is. 

OH. Also, how on earth could I forget, I welcomed a new addition to my purse collection! Welcome Kate! I am so excited to use this bag for fall. It is so classic and adorable. (notice all the lists to the top left of the picture, yep that's my life.)

Basically, this was one *amazing* weekend and I am so thankful that it was productive, fun, and relaxing. The perfect 3-day weekend combination! (usually my weekends consist of lots of sitting and t.v watching.) But, this past weekend I was a little more interesting!

What were you up to this weekend?

Keep Calm and Carry On. 



  1. I'm obsessed with all the food you had this weekend.
    Like, that is not a lie.
    <3 PSL for life!