Wrap-up of My Weekend!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, happy Monday folks!

It is back to the grind this week!

This past weekend was a blast!! I mean, honestly I had so much fun!

Friday was a pretty chill night, I didn't do much of anything....besides study. Lots, and lots of studying. *oh college life*. I spent most of that night sitting around memorizing terms and reading many of chapters. (major test on Wednesday) *yuck*. I also hung out with my handsome pup, spending time snuggling around while I slaved away reading so many pages and highlighting everything in my sight.

Saturday afternoon I went to go visit my boyfriends and his parents. I kept on bugging my boyfriend for a cupcake and he surprised me with this oh so cute ice cream bowl it was so yummy! I also met his dogs they were too cute and they had some of the best doggie personalities. (who doesn't love dogs?) 


This past weekend I joined a service sorority, Omega Phi Alpha. I was so up in the air with all the Greek Life. But this was *oh so* different. I felt like I was at home with these girls. Like, you have no idea. That is a huge deal for me that I can find a home with 150+ girls. All of which seem to be fabulous *wonderful* people who I can't get to know more!

Sunday was our pinning ceremony and afterwards my parents and I went out for lunch to talk about what's new in our lives. My dad and I spent a lot of time making fun of each other (as always) and I spent a lot of time accepting friend requests. (seriously join a sorority and your phone will blow up with friend requests, tagged photos, and likes and comments). 

But then, came the struggle, for one of my classes I have a major test this week. *help*. So some girls and I from my class formed a study group....and it was actually *a lot* of fun. It wasn't a waste of our time either. We actually were productive and able to focus and retain information. I chilled out with a blanket for part of the time because the floor we were on started getting really cold. (yes, I am actually wearing clothes, don't worry.)


After about five hours of studying (and I mean real, legit hit the books studying). We called it a night and went to Chipotle (only the best place ever). It was my friend Lindsey's first time at Chipotle and to say we have her addicted is an understatement! (and yes, that is a giant bowl of cheese).

This whole weekend was a lot of fun, and it was filled with a lot of fun times. I can honestly say that I am so excited to be a pledge for Omega Phi Alpha.

*also* I FOUND OUT MY TWIN IS COMING BACK TO ATL IN DECEMBER. This is just too exciting.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Keep Calm and Carry On


    Glad you had such a good weekend. Can't wait to catch up tonight! xo

  2. Your little puppy is absolutely PRECIOUS!