Because it's Hump Day....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's hump day, and lord how I love that it is hump day because that means we are one step closer to Friday!!! As I sit here and wait for Friday to come, I figured I would give ya'll a little bit of a mid week confession session since its Wednesday...which means Link up with Kathy at Vodka and Soda.

// I really am obsessed with game of thrones, I honestly just want to binge watch all the Game of Thrones....RIGHT NOW.

//Bear really has been awesome with the whole Melissa takes on summer classes shindig. He has been 110% supportive and the amount of happy that makes me is a lot. 

//My room and laundry REALLY need some love, but life is so busy and all I wanna do is nap. I am totally getting on that today...I promise. 

//KIND bars are really my life's best friend right now, they are super yummy and low in points so I can snack on some fruit with them and it makes a perfect light lunch or yummy snack. 

// I got a new hair color and I really like it, it's this new balayage technique and my awesome girl Taylor did it at Three 13 Salon. She never disappoints me when doing my hair. I seriously lucked out. If you want some cool hair ideas she has tons on her Instagram account, and it's like a real life pinterest board, even if you don't live in the Atlanta area you should check out her stuff, you might get inspired by her magical hair ideas and take them to your salon!

(I am still casually obsessing over my hair...not a drill)

//I have been deep conditioning my hair at home and real talk, it is so worth buying a good deep conditioner from Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply. They really do help repair and protect your hair. (But if you do it too much you'll have a heavy coating of conditioner on your hair and it will make it really unpleasant 

//I got a new Michael Kors purse and a new phone case....I am obsessing over both daily. My new purse can fit a laptop, and an iPad...(not that I have one)...and it has all of these compartments that I need to utilize.
(it's my new I could sneak a whole meal into the movie theater bag....not that I would do that...)

//I am learning how to curl my hair the right way with out it taking an hour. Now it should only take me 10-15mins...which I am totally okay with. Less time getting ready means more time for coffee.

//I am also consuming a lot of green tea...which I am not mad about.

Anyways, these are my confessions. You have read your daily dose of chaos. Carry on now with your hump day and all will be a-okay.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Vodka and Soda


  1. LOVE the MK bag. i'm really digging that type fabric (i know its not fabric but for lack of better words right now!!) lately. a lot of designers are using it (is it leather? plastic, i dont even know) and it's the best. i have a KS bag that material and its just awesome. LOVE the phone case as well :)

    your hair looks awesome! she did a great job. and high five for getting your hair curled quickly! i'm learning now too and becoming quite skilled!

  2. Thanks for the shout out where I chose that awesome phone case. Jeez, I thought it was a big deal. Jk love you <3

  3. Your hair looks awesome! Love the color!

    Also, swooning over your Michael Kors! I love everything MK! My birthday is coming up soon and it is time for me to decide which one to get next!

  4. What are KIND bars? Please enlighten me. And maybe take me there one day?

  5. Love you hair! I've been thinking about going blonde, but if we're being honest, I'm a wimp. I've never watched GOT, but have been debating it for awhile now. I think that I just need to go for it.

  6. my curling wand is so awesome, i take about 10mins tops to curl my entire head. with a reg curling iron, it would take me like, 30!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  7. That bag is gorgeous!!!Also I am binge watching Game of Thrones sooooo engrossed, it's ridic lol

  8. Your hair looks great! And love the bag.