You Do You

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This weekend I did A TON of thinking about who you put in your life and how they effect your life. People used to tell me "You will become like the three most people you surround yourself with" (even Pinterest gave me a pin that looks all cute and inspirational). I used to roll my eyes at that statement. But now, I think about it in the literal sense and also how the quote can apply to how the people you put into your life affect it. My three closest friends do nothing but bring me up and make me feel like the unicorn that I should be (if they are reading this, they know how they do so).

But, flashback to three years ago, I surrounded myself with way, way, WAY different people. To put it nicely these people lacked an understanding of what is real life and what is not. They were older than me and they had very manipulative and dramatic mindsets, like they were still stuck in their 18-year-old midsets (which drove me insane). I didn't realize how actually insane it drove me until I took a step back and realized how toxic those people were in my life. Real talk, I purged ALL of those people out of my life, I unfollowed all of them on social media and decided to delete all phone numbers. At that time I realized that there was nothing that those people had to offer me that I could not offer myself. My life suddenly became peaceful and drama-free. Soon after the purge I realized that I had a REAL choice of who I put in my life, and that quality was significantly better than quantity. 

I am also starting to realize that if I notice you aren't going to be a good fit in my life, I most likely won't be a good fit in yours. I am also learning that there's nothing wrong with being selective about who you put into your life. 

I started feeling guilty because I felt like I HAD to stay friends with people because if I didn't stay friends with them it meant that I was being mean, or too critical. When in reality all I was doing was making sure that the people in my life were good for my life. And, of course there are always going to be relationships (professionally and socially) where I have to be social with a person that I may not necessarily like to have in my daily life. However, just because I have to keep them as an acquaintance doesn't mean I have to have a weekly coffee with them or tell them all about what's going on in my life. 

Point is there is nothing wrong with taking people out of your life because they don't fit in your life puzzle. If that person is an end piece and you don't need anymore end peices then don't force it, it's not a good fit for you. So you do you boo boo. Life will seem a little less intense when you realize that you don't have to feel guilty for not needing certain people in your life. 

I gotta say it again, just in case you didn't read it the first time. You do you boo boo! 

So that's the thought of the weekend and I am now linking up with Rachael from The Rachael way with the Weekly Wrap-Up!!! 

Did you have any cool thoughts this weekend?!

Keep Calm and Carry On 

The Rachael Way


  1. This is a fantastic post and oh so very true :)

  2. it is very very hard to take people in and out of your life, but you're right- sometimes you have to. And that will make you a better person. couldn't agree more!

  3. You really learn in your twenties and thirties who your real friends are, and that you need to cut toxic people from your life. Sometimes it is hard and it hurts, but it is whats best. Love this! Speaking the truth today!

  4. AMEN. I've taken my fair share of people out of my life. And it is hard, so for the most part I've just backed off of that friendship. I'm a big believer that people can change, as I've done it myself, and I'm all about second, third, fourth chances, but I'm not afraid to just put a friendship on a long or permanent hold if that's what I need.

  5. I love this!!!! Sometimes you really do have to take people out of your life if they aren't really giving you anything in return. Luh you.