Week One: All the Fruits and Veggies Please.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Okay kiddos, week one of weight watchers was conquered and completed. At the moment I am feeling like a sparkly unicorn because I lost FOUR pounds this week (and some change). I honestly could have lost two pounds and I would have been so excited and proud of myself. From where I was last Saturday, I feel like this is going to be a lifestyle that will take a lot of learning; but in the long run learning how to live a healthy life style will be worth it.

So, what did I do this week that helped me?? I would have to say that fruits and veggies saved me. The award for the most awesome food goes to fruits and veggies (cue the applause). I can not tell you how many times I was hungry but didn't want to have a high point snack so I opted for a peach or if I had the time roasted veggies.

I feel like being able to have a snack like a kind bar (these things are the best snack because they are so filling and they have the perfect amount of nutrients to keep you going). Usually I pair a kind bar with a kiwi or a banana, because they are free and keep me fuller longer.

I also made a casual fruit bowl to sit in my kitchen, not only does it look pretty and colorful it is absolutely delicious.

Fun fact: roasted veggies are the best but, if you want them to be Weight Watcher zero points throw on some of that Pam olive oil spray, if not a tablespoon of olive oil does the trick with some pepper and sea salt (or normal salt...whatever floats your fancy).

Honestly, week one was all about making new habits. One of my new habits is now incorporating more colors into my day.

Week one of my lifestyle change is done and gone. Now I am focusing on week two.

So thanks fruits and veggies, you're a savior and with out you, I'd probably be really sad. So you keep being you and I'll keep eating you...Sound like a plan? Yeah, I thought it did.

Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. Congratulations on four pounds! Aren't you glad it's peach season? I eat horribly in the winter when there are no fresh fruits or veggies, but peach season, that's what I'm talking about....