Christmas in July (Nordstrom Style)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Friends, the time has come for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I don't know about you but if y I could buy it all...I totally would.

I don't know if you've been perusing around the Nordstrom Sale but if you haven't give it a peak, it's worth a look...or seven.

There are SO many great deals going on right now. I wandered around the sale for a good hour seeing all of the fun things to buy. I kept thinking "that's cute" "BOOTS, LOOK AT THE BOOTS" "I didn't know this sale could make me feel like it's Christmas...maybe Christmas can come twice in one year". I kid you not I was happier than a fish still swimming in the sea.

I was even happier when I made a couple of awesome purchases from the sale that would normally cost me 50-65% more.

So this is the entire haul, minus a certain special something (I am saving the most exciting for last). 

But let's talk about these gems, because I am in love with them all. 

1. Philosophy Purity face wash - $93 value - you get it for $52. I have been eyeing this face wash for quite some time now. I have heard so many people rave about Philosophy products, and I now understand why the people be raving. Purity has a very light fragrance to it and it's an all natural smell (so it has no added fragrance). I have very strange skin, meaning, I get these weird dry splotches on my face that hurt, some face washes actually add to the irritation and this face was actually eliminates the dry spots. Plus they give you a huge bottle and then a normal sized bottle so you technically get the little bottle for free and who doesn't like free?

2. Clarisonic Mia 2 - $201 value - you get it for $149. Okay so here's the hoe down throw down on this gem. If you didn't know the actual price for the Mia 2 is $149...however, you get a ton of free goodies with the anniversary sale. Such as, an extra head (valued at $27 for one), a full bottle of face wash (valued at $25) and a fun bag to put your Clarisonic in (because it needs a holder for traveling). On the face wash: I didn't try it but I read tons of reviews saying the fragrance is not good for people with sensitive skin and it burns your eyes, so beware. Moving on...I have wanted a Clarisonic for such a long time, and let me tell you, it was 100% worth the money and the wait. My skin is so much smoother, my pores are getting smaller, and I am noticing a big difference in how my skin absorbs my moisturizer and foundation (if you know what I mean?). I have used many other face washing devices but this one by far is the best one. A total investment but totally worth it. 

3. Lorac Skinny Pallet - you get it for $16 (It says its worth $103 but meh) - anyways, I just picked this pallet up to see how pigmented it was, and it shocked me, the pallet is so unbelievably smooth and pigmented. Real talk, this pallet makes me want the Lorac Pro. (I see you Lorac giving me a run for my money over there). [sadly this pallet sold out]

4. Tory Burch Flats- $269 value - you get it for $179. Here's the deal with Tory Burch flats kids, if you get them they are a jerk and a half to break in but so worth it once you do. I had my old tory flats for 4+ years and after I realized I was developing holes at the bottom of them (and this weird green coloration at the bottom) I decided it was time for a new pair. I found these at the sale and not only were they on sale but they can be dressed up or down. (I was sold at that point). But I am also loving that the logo is a little smaller, compared to my old ones. You get what you paid for with these shoes. 

Okay, get ready, I am super excited about this find and I hope you are too!! 

Frye Boots- $417.95 value - You get them for $279.90. I have wanted a pair of riding boots for so long. I went into Nordstrom actually looking to buy the Tory Burch Boots, but realized that I didn't like the way they fit my legs. Seriously, why is buying a pair of boots so difficult. I kid you not, I tried on 8+ pairs of boots before I found these and LOVED them. This homegirl is not about to pay almost $300 for boots I just kinda-sorta like. Plus these boots were totally made for walking, and by that I mean they last forever (or so I hear). 

Do you have your eye on anything at the Nordstrom Sale?? Any products you want to show me, I love seeing all the fun things the Nordstrom sale has to offer. 

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  2. I have been so tempted all week by that darn sale!!! I haven't ordered anything yet but I can't promise I wont give in. I have never owned Tory Burch. I have heard so many people say that are just so painful and that they never become comfortable. I love that palette and it is such a good deal!

  3. OMG THAT PALLETTE. Ugh everything looks amazing, but those boots are by far my favorite.

  4. Sorry, I just had to talk to Steve for a minute. You're really making me want that face wash. Do I need it?

  5. love the long boots...I want...!!

    From a male long boot wearer...