First Blate, First Date

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I thought of all the ways that I could begin this post for ya'll but it was really difficult because there are so many ways to start off this post. Today, July 18th, marks a special day for me and two people in my life. This may sound really weird but if it weren't for Rachael I most likely would have never gone on a date with David. And, I know that I don't really go into David's and my relationship here on le blog (except for this one time) but today is different. Because today is my one year with David and Rachael (does that sound weird? yes? well, let me explain).

Story time kids, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and be prepared to read some of what I call good old fashioned story time.

So, I went on my first Blate with Rachael the same day that I went on my first date with David. David asked me out on a date when I was hanging out with Rachael at Starbucks (typical blogger meetup place...even if you hate coffee, it's like THE place). Anyways, I told Rachael about David and she got SO EXCITED. Not a drill homegirl was ready to hear all about David and what he was like and what we talked about, and of course I told her.
So our blate continued and I realized I had gotten ready in LITERALLY 15 mins, I had not done my hair, my dress was old (it had a hole in it), and I did my nails and my makeup in Sephora and Macy's in the mall (that's bucky). Rachael died laughing as I was freaking out, also calming me down as I freaked the freak out for at least 30 mins, because I didn't have the time to buy a new outfit that looked awesome so I just rocked the dress.
(this is what I looked like when I left the house...) 
Moving on, I went on my date with David, and I went in with an open mind and I went in basically super nervous but also very myself. We talked about everything and anything, we drank coffee (I was up until at least 5AM). So much talking happened during that date it even felt natural and easy. I texted and called Rachael and told her all about it, to which she said "I think he's legit". I didn't want to get my hopes up because spoiler alert I really liked him. I felt like it was all too good to be true. But, obviously our first date went well and so did our second, third, forth and so on, because here we are a year later and we are still head over heels for each other. 

Getting off of our first date and on to all of the things past the honey moon stage, David has turned into one of my best friends. We do so much together and we try so many new things together. He has brought out my inner nerd and I have shown him that I can be a nerd and a fashionista. 
There are so many wonderful memories that a year can bring, we have really, really, really grown with each other. We have shown each other love, and that love is indeed unconditional (I am sorry I am trying really hard to not make this post super cheesy to the point of where you actually do want a huge glass of wine). 

So I guess let me leave it at this, this has been one of the best years of my life. David is an amazing person and and an amazing best friend. Without Rachael I would have most likely never have gone on that first date, and for all I know I would have never had coffee with David after that first opportunity. I think Rachael will always be the person to say "I know David and Melissa the best because she has been there since day one". 

David came into my life out of no where and I am so thankful that he did because he is my other shoe and I don't feel bucky for saying that. 

It has been one year of pure joy, happiness, love, laughs, cries, and great, great, memories. I don't know where I'd be today, if none of this never happened but, I am really happy that I went on a Blate with Rachael and a date with David. They have become forevers in my life and without both of them I'd be one lost bear. 

Life is good when you have the best of people in your life. 
(also if you don't know what bucky means shoot me an email and we can talk all about bucky)
Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. Came to your blog from Rachael's :-) I really enjoyed this post. It's great that two pretty great things happened on the same day! Good luck to you!

  2. Aww that is so sweet and awesome at the same time :)

  3. That is such a fun first date story! I love that involved another blogger :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You used the word bucky like 5 times. Happy blateadateaversary.