Fermented Grapes Are a Healthy Snack

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I went on an adventure this weekend with David and his parents (the bear parents). We went to this magical place where wine is made (aka just an alternative way to enjoy zero point grapes...I joke). Anyways, since my knowledge of wine was barefoot moscato and Trader Joes delicious 3 buck wine. I felt like this winery tour and tasting would be beneficial to my wine knowledge and it was.
Meet the bear parents. 

For example we went into this wonderful room where they fermented and aged wine. Fun fact, wine can not be in a warm climate area when fermenting. Apparently, it ruins the wine process and in the end we would all be drinking nasty ill-fermented wine. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not drink nasty fermented grape juice.

Frankly, I was in awe of all the barrels of wine that were in this room. Plus all of the wine that sits in the large metal vats. What's even cooler is that they don't just use those barrels once. Each wine barrel can be used 3-4 times. Not to get all wine technical but the barrel that the wine is aged in actually helps flavor the wine. (it enhances the flavor of the wine, basically). And, each time the barrel is used it has less effect on enhancing the flavor of the wine. (So the barrel is not wasted)! 
While these barrels are functional for the wine, and needed to make the yummy goodness of fermented grape juice (aka wine, obviously). Don't let these puppies fool you, each one of these barrels is sold to Chateau Elan for 1,200 dollars. So, thank god they can be used more than once because good lord that's a lot of Kate Spade purses and Starbucks. Though, you can buy them as a consumer when they are done being used for 150 dollars...talk about a really cute coffee table/end table idea. 
Behind that window is where the wine is bottled. Believe it or not, that big bertha behind that window can bottle 30 bottles of wine in ONE minute. Talk about mass wine producing, can someone invest in one of these and we can create our own start up winery (I joke). 
Then, of course, the exciting part...we tasted five of their wines. I actually found a RED wine that I liked. It was called velvet and it was indeed very, very velvety. (If that makes any sense) 
I also learned on how to be a wine snob with my tasting....with the four S's. 
I felt very odd sniffing and swirling my wine but it was cool to get the experience. Though to be honest I do really like my barefoot moscato. (is that rude??). Maybe I am just a cheap date. 

The bear couple and the bear parents had a wonderful time touring all the "bear"els of wine. Part of me wants to go to other wineries to get more tastings in. They are actually fun learning experiences, with yummy fermented grapes. 
Obviously wine is healthy if it involves grapes. (le duh). 

Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. You enjoyed a RED wine?? Now I'm interested to see if I would ever like red wine...

  2. I LOVE red wine...actually... anything with an alcohol content above 4%! But if you like your Barefoot Moscato, you should try the David Stone Moscato! It's like 5-ish bucks and it is so smooth you drink it like water...which could be a good or bad thing. The only place I ever see it in is Walgreens which is ironic in itself.